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Brentwood Jewelry and Gifts has been providing exclusive jewelry and watch brands, custom jewelry design, excellent customer service and repair services to Brentwood, Nashville, Franklin, Middle Tennessee and beyond for over 50 years. We are all about family. When you walk into our store we treat you like we treat our own family. So come in and see us!

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Introducing our latest exquisite watch brand... Anonimo. The best combination of Italian elegance and Swiss watchmaking precision we could find to bring to the Nashville area. With an aestheticism inspired by Italian elegance, the Anonimo watch expresses both robustness and functionality through its distinctive design and solid case. Learn more about this exclusive watch brand here.


Salem & the crew are the best

Looking for a trusted jeweler? Salem & Brentwood Jewelry is the greatest. He and his family have owned the business for I believe 40 years and has a large following in the Brentwood/Franklin/Nashville area. He can help you create a one of a kind piece if that is your preference. Very talented!


Brentwood Jewelry has seen a lot of engagements and weddings in the last 50 years and has helped many couples find the perfect rings. If you know what your fiancée wants, come into the store and we’ll help you find the perfect ring, whether that’s from our showcases or handmade by one of our five master craftsmen in our in-house design studio. If you don’t know what she wants and want to surprise her with the proposal, we will gladly give you a solitaire mounting to use; then you both can come into our shop together to find the perfect ring.

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