Discover the Technical Brilliance and Sleek Designs of Anonimo

Inspired by Italian design with subtle curves and the rigor and precision of the Swiss technique, Anonimo was born in 1997 on the banks of the Arno River in Florence. Watchmaking has always been a part of Florence’s history from Giovanni Dondi, who made its planetarium in the fourteenth century, to Lorenzo Della Volpaia, who worked on the calendar and astronomical instruments. We even see inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci and the mathematician Galileo.

In the early twentieth century, we saw the Italian Watch Industry supply military submariners and Alpini despite the core of its know-how residing in small business. Anonimo specializes in the design and manufacturing of bronze watch cases and they have been able to perpetuate the tradition using a single machining process at room temperature. Come see the technically beautiful designs and styles of Anonimo Watches, the perfect gift for yourself or someone else on your "nice" list.

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